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A Park for the Montagne de Reims

The Montagne de Reims, a premium natural area in Champagne. Located at the centre of the catchment populations of Reims, Châlons-en-Champagne and Épernay, this territory was classified « Regional natural Park» in 1976, at the initiative of officials from the forest villages of Germaine, St-Imoges and Ville-en-Selve.

The territory of Montagne de Reims renewed its label «Regional natural Park» in 2009 and took on a new « Charter Objective 2020 ». Today, the regional natural Park of Montagne de Reims spreads over 533 km² and covers 65 villages of the Marne County, namely 34,200 inhabitants for a total area of 54,000 hectares.

It is a unique territory, the value and fragility of which justify for the protection and enhancement device it is subject to. Its natural heritage is characterised by various habitats: forest, agricultural lands, ponds and wet areas, slopes and moors sheltering a diversified fauna and flora, some of which being acknowledged of European interest.

Orchis purpurea ©PNRMR

Anemone pulsatilla ©PNRMR

Ophrys fuciflora  ©PNRMRThe building and cultural heritage of the Park is equally remarkable with its Roman churches, its houses with brick and grindstones, its bunkers and military cemeteries and of course for its houses and cellars of Champagne.
View of the Montagne de Reims ©PNRMR

European Charter of Sustainable Tourism

Developed in 1995 by the European Federation of Protected Areas (EUROPARC), the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism is a tool enabling to set a sustainable management of tourist activities. The Park has committed itself to launch actions in cooperation with forty tourism players, bodies and public partners in order to position itself as a territory of sustainable tourist excellence. Find further information on the website Europarc.