Every month, the Park invites you to meet the people who make up the Park! This month, we invite you to discover Mathieu Toubart, administrator of two Châlonnais cultural structures: Le Palc et Furies.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Mathieu Toubart, I live in Pierry and am administrator of two Châlonnais cultural structures: Furies, which will celebrate the 35rd edition of its festival next June, and Le Palc, one of the 14 establishments labeled Pôle National Cirque in France.

Tell us about your journey!

I am originally from Marne, and more precisely from a small wine-growing village, Le Breuil, located in the Surmelin valley. After a master's degree in history at the University of Reims, I wanted to continue my studies in Avignon in the artistic and cultural field. This interest in this sector grew little by little, until it became obvious to me... As a student, while I was still wondering about what I wanted to do next, I had the opportunity to discover the artistic universe through shows and events that had a profound impact on me.

My first professional experience within a theater company, in Angoulême, in project management and development, confirmed this intuition. The company at the time developed actions in public spaces, in the heart of territories as diverse as urban neighborhoods or rural areas, in France and abroad. The stories created in these territories and the encounters that took place were powerful and inspiring. 

Back in Champagne, my next experiences led me to be administrative manager of several theater companies and a music festival. Also, when I had the opportunity to join the Furies association, a structure promoting street arts, then to participate in the creation of the Palc – Pôle National Cirque, working to develop contemporary circus, particularly under big tops and in public space, it really made sense to me.

And for 7 years, I have been part of this great team, committed and convinced, working within these two structures which have as a common denominator the concern to place art and artists at the heart of the territories and our daily lives.

Tell us what your links are with the Park!

I had the opportunity to discover the Park through a previous professional experience, while I worked with the company Le Diable a 4 Pattes, which carried out residential work for 4 years on the territory of the PNR. Nanteuil la Forêt, Germaine, Louvois, Rosnay… everywhere the actions carried out revealed beautiful human and unifying dynamics and demonstrated all the potential that a meeting between an artistic team, a territory and its inhabitants can generate.

The Palc – Pôle National Cirque is currently working on the construction of an artistic project, on the scale of the Grand Est Region, integrating 4 PNR, that of the Montagne de Reims of course, but also that of Lorraine, the Ardennes and the Balloon of the Vosges.

For 2 years, in the summer of 2024 and 2025, the company La Sensitive will develop action residencies in a natural environment, punctuated by multiple interventions, offering both representation, immersive interventions, workshops, vigils and in situ creations... This team , made up of circus artists from all backgrounds, places the relationship between man and his environment at the heart of its approach by questioning with humor and generosity our relationship with the world and nature.

Next June, the company will invest the territory of the Parc de la Montagne de Reims for 15 days, offering an interactive experience from a camp, a nerve center for meetings, sharing, and forging sensitive links, which it will build, with the participation of residents, in the commune of Louvois.

What is your favorite place in Montagne de Reims?

Difficult to name just one... I recently had the opportunity during a scouting for this project, to discover an impressive panorama on the heights of Louvois, with breathtaking views of the forest, the vineyard and the villages surroundings. A site which will undoubtedly be invested by the company this summer! Can not wait to be there…

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