Every month, the Park invites you to meet the people who make up the Park! This month, we invite you to discover Joël Duvivier, President of the forest communes of Marne

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Originally from Sparnac, I fell in love with the Champagne landscapes very early on, long before UNESCO took an interest in them. And despite an itinerant professional life, I remained very attached to our territory which is the Marne.
My interests are diverse but “Human” is omnipresent.

Human relationships, but also the relationship between humans and nature are in perpetual flux. It is then a real pleasure to try to discover them, to understand them, and to be inspired by them. I consider that discussing with someone is a precious moment, because this person offers you their thoughts, their time, and whatever the subject, they bring you elements that enrich you.

Tell us about your journey!

40 years of associative life! Often in the world of sport. Different responsibilities.

One constant despite everything: In-depth work, most often in the shadows but necessary for the stability of the association. It is the human relationship which creates the links and the success of the association and which takes the role of money in a business. It's less certain, less constant, warmer, more informative, and much more exciting! You cannot run an association like a business.

Today, I am president of an association interested in the forest. We are in the news.

Beyond forest fires, forests filter the air we breathe, protect the water we drink, absorb the carbon we produce and protect biodiversity from the extreme effects of climate change.

I have in front of me the mayors and their municipal council of Marne. Our association humbly tries to provide them with advice on silvicultural management decisions, provide them with legal monitoring, or information related to the forest. We are trying to facilitate the role, which has become so difficult, of Mayor.

Tell us what your links are with the Park!

The Park is a concentrate of knowledge! He is the driving force on all questions related to Nature. Employees are engaged, passionate and want to share their work.

Also, I consider each of the works and study how to duplicate it beyond the geographical limit of the Park, since my gaze is established over the entire Marne. Studies on the edges, for example, are now reflecting on the entire Marne.

The association of Forest Communes has over time become a partner in various works, in the development of different charters. We have a special relationship that I take great care of!

What is your favorite place in Montagne de Reims?

I really like Germaine's terroir. Offset from the main axis of the crossing of the Montagne de Reims, but easy to access, you can quickly lose yourself in your thoughts while walking in a calm forest, preserved from overcrowding.

The place is serene, rural, pleasant and well located despite everything, close to the excitement of city life.

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