Every month, the Park invites you to meet the people who make up the Park! This month, we invite you to discover Isabelle Robert, a committed resident of Germaine!

Introduce yourself in a few words!

My name is Isabelle Robert, I have lived in Germaine since 1992, in the hamlet of Vauremont. I have three children. My parents are Spanish but I was born in France, in Laon.

What is your background ?

I did an IUT in finance accounting in Reims, then I did another year of study at Cesem in Reims, to specialize in mass distribution. I was then hired at Cora Cormontreuil as manager of the textile department. When I had my second child, I took a break to enjoy them!
My husband became self-employed and created his construction company; it was simpler for the family organization if I stopped my professional activity.

This is where I really got involved in volunteering and where we created the “Pour les Mômes” association in Germaine. We also worked on creating a canteen and a daycare with “Rural Families” to allow families to have their children looked after during meal and after-school hours.

In the following years, I also became involved in municipal life as a deputy. In 2018, we started working with village residents to create a bread depot. By conducting these meetings, the project grew and it turned out that there was a real need for a place to create social connections and to buy local products.

The 3-legged Deer project was underway! Covid arrived, and the three-legged deer took on its full meaning: people no longer went to supermarkets, they only went through us to do their shopping! This really boosted the grocery store!

Today, the three-legged deer it's two employees, an e-commerce, a rural bistro, a performance hall and a program of socio-cultural festivities! For example, we organize the festival “ Read perched in the tree ", on September 30 and for the first time, we are launching a rock festival " Megafauna » on May 13! Notice to rock fans!

We are proud to have created these two jobs, to promote the village and to develop the know-how of local producers!

Furthermore, for 15 years, I have been participating in the branch of the “Familles rurales” association, which is called “Pêle-mêle”: with other amateur actors and with a professional director, José Mendes, we have developed the Brame du Cerf festival, which takes place every year in November!

What is your connection with the Park?

I was a delegate of the Park in 2010, I was notably the link for the organization of the 40th anniversary of the Park in Germaine in 2016! It was a great popular festival, with great organization. It was a very beautiful day!
The Park is part of our village thinking, it is part of our DNA, we have integrated it into our way of thinking! For example, we join whenever we can in events organized by the Park, such as the Great Crossing or the Apple Festival!

What is your favorite place in Montagne de Reims?

It is located at the exit of the Ville en Selve forest, towards the calvary, before arriving in Germaine! The view is magnificent over Germaine!

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