Every month, the Park invites you to meet the people who make up the Park! This month, we invite you to discover Aline Antoine, director of SIABAVES (Intercommunal Union for the Development of Bassins Aisne Vesle Suippe)

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Aline ANTOINE. I am responsible for river missions and director of the Intercommunal Syndicate for the Development of Aisne Vesle Suippe Basins (SIABAVES).

My missions consist of defining programs for the restoration of degraded waterways and raising awareness and informing local residents, elected officials and, more broadly, the general public about the preservation of our rivers and wetlands.

Tell us about your journey!
Originally from Aube and more particularly from humid Champagne, I have always had an attraction to nature and a need to be in contact with it!

I therefore turned to a course focused on the environment by integrating a Master of Science and Technology in Environment then a MASTER in Rural Space and Environment. These training courses and more particularly the internships reinforced the attraction I had for the preservation of natural environments and resources.

I quickly joined SIABAVES on missions to support and develop drinking water projects and monitor the quality of surface water. These missions evolved over time and drinking water gradually gave way to rivers.

Today the preservation of aquatic and wet environments is at the heart of my work.

Tell us what your links are with the Park!
SIABAVES is not intended to work alone in its corner, it has a culture of partnership.
Quite naturally, we turned to the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park for its in-depth knowledge of the territory and its local roots. Our skills are complementary. We can think together about the actions to take on waterways to restore the good condition of our rivers.

Links have been forged over time, whether through our participation and contribution during the revision of the park charter, or during meetings and discussions on a local issue.
Today the territorial evolution of our union will make it possible to increase our collaboration and carry out river restoration actions in the Park territory.

We are therefore only at the beginning of this collaboration. Tomorrow, our bonds will only be stronger!

What is your favorite place in Montagne de Reims?
The Ardre valley! It is full of varied atmospheres: the forest environment where the sources of the Ardre form only a small intimate stream, the meadows where you can still admire majestic willows formerly cut into pollards bordering the river, certain sections marked with numerous meanders, sometimes very tight, giving the sensation of an endless river…

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