Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Adeline, I grew up in Dizy and I now live in Reims. I am passionate about cycling, alternative travel and above all collective projects. Currently, I work for the association Ideas full of the land of Reims and I am very active for Organic and Geosourced Collective Grand Est. I am also a volunteer and administrator for 2 other associations Good Leftovers et Hat & Boots.

Tell us about your journey!
I left the region to study architecture in Lille then left alone by bike to visit part of Europe for 8 months. On my return, I worked as an architect in Toulouse then I trained in eco-construction through numerous participatory projects while traveling throughout the 4 corners of France. It was in 2018 that I decided to return to my native lands and get involved in the associative sector to share my experiences and create cool collective projects!

In 2020 I decided to enter the social and solidarity economy by co-founding the association Ideas full of earth with Sandrine Libeaut and Amélie Bourquard, both still administrators. We want to raise awareness among individuals, professionals and young people about the waste of natural resources and waste management in the construction sector.

The association aims to develop the use of raw earth as an energy-efficient, local construction material with strong social potential (reappropriation, participatory construction site, accessible technique).

For almost 4 years, the association has grown a lot! Today we are 6 members active in developing it and have more than 60 members, 300 supporters and we are 2 employees, Mélanie Gertsch and me.

Tell us what your links are with the Park!
When I was younger, the Park was above all a magnificent playground during my bike outings with the ASPTT of Epernay. Today, I still enjoy the landscapes by bike or on foot, but my eyes are quickly drawn to the built heritage and I would like to be able to get involved in each renovation to do it in a respectful and sustainable way!

With Des idées plein la terre, we work regularly with the Park and in particular with Caroline Feneuil, Architecture Consulting project manager. We have a common objective: to inform, raise awareness and promote local heritage. To do this, we organize different actions and mainly practical workshops for individuals and professionals.

The program promises to be rich in 2024 and you will need to carefully follow the news from the Park to be kept informed of the next actions which will begin in April or contact us so that we can subscribe to our newsletter!

What is your favorite place in Montagne de Reims?
It's hard to choose just one place!
I like to observe the bird's eye view of Epernay and its surroundings from Hautvillers and Champillon.
I like to sit on the wall built in dry stones in participatory construction sites on the heights of Sermiers on the edge of the forest and overlooking a plot of vines and trees.
I like to touch the earth tiles while wandering the streets in most of the villages in the Park.

And above all, I like to imagine the next worksites and projects that we are going to do with Ideas full of land and the Park!

Contact Association Lots of ideas:
[email protected]
+07 (60)46 61 85 XNUMX XNUMX

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