Last year, we presented to you one of the educational actions of the Grand Est Regional Natural Parks network: the inter-Park class twinning project which consists of encouraging the discovery of the territories of the Grand Est Parks by students from the region.

We are continuing this project this year, this time with two schools in the Park area.

In this article, we will present to you the project of the Cumières school with their partner, the Fraize des Ballons des Vosges school.

In our next article, the Germaine school and the Thiéfosse school will be highlighted…

As a reminder, from the start of the school year in September, each Park formed a pair with a volunteer class from its territory. The exchanges take place first through correspondence and videoconferences and then go to meet the territories and experience a human adventure which materializes in a stay at the Park of your partner. The class is welcomed by the correspondents.

Thus, the Cumières school with its CE2/CM1/CM2 class for the Montagne de Reims and the Fraize school with its CM2 class for Ballons des Vosges have resumed their exchange.

In fact, last year the students were unable to complete their stay due to the health crisis. The teachers wanted to continue the project, this time hoping to meet the students and the territories.

After having discovered and introduced their territory, the Cumières students this time open up to the gateway towns of the Park: the visit of Reims, its Cathedral and the Palais du Tau, the discovery of the unmissable visit to the National Center for circus arts, located in Châlons-en-Champagne, and finally the parks of the town hall and the Regional Wine and Archeology Museum of Epernay where students are brought to observe the architecture.

Indeed, the project is oriented not only towards the discovery of gateway cities through historical monuments, architecture, history, but also towards the department and the Grand Est region. The region no longer has any secrets for the students, and at the end of this project, they will be real little ambassadors of their territory, ready to help people discover it!

José Mendès, author, storyteller, visual artist, comes to promote these achievements with an artistic creation and an installation in the school courtyard. Installation is scheduled for June. Students from the Fraize school who will be staying on our territory will also be able to benefit from it!

The students from the Fraize school, for their part, are continuing their project around biodiversity, this time focusing on mountain activities, travel and safety to guide the students from Cumières during their stay at Ballons des Vosges ..

This interParcs project is a complete project that allows you to approach the school program in a transversal way: written, oral, geography, history, citizenship, opening up to the world..!

For Janny DUFOUR, teacher at the Cumières school “ The school trip gives coherence to the project by going to the place of life of the students who guide their pairs in the discovery of their territory. The stay creates an expectation, a need to learn, to discover, to meet… ».

Hoping that the health crisis will not be a hindrance again for this moment long awaited by everyone!

A final production to share this adventure will be produced for the end of the school year.


The regional natural parks of Montagne de Reims, Ballons des Vosges and the Etc.. Terra association are supporting this project and providing the necessary resources.

This project is supported by the Grand Est Region in order to discover the heritage of the Grand Est Regional Natural Parks.

On behalf of the Grand Est Regional Natural Parks, a big thank you for allowing us to live this experience!


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