After having presented to you the interParcs project with the Cumières and Fraize schools, we will present to you this time, the project of the Germaine school of the Parc de la Montagne de Reims and the Thiefosse school of the Parc des Ballons des Vosges.

As a reminder, this inter-Park class twinning project consists of encouraging the discovery of the territories of the Grand Est Parks by students from the region. 

From the start of the school year in September, each Park formed a pair with a volunteer class from its territory. The exchanges take place first through correspondence, video and then go to meet the territories and experience a human adventure which materializes in a stay at the Park of your partner. The class is welcomed by the correspondents.

Thus, Germaine's school, Ms. Aurélia GOVIGNON's class with her CE2/CM2 class for the Montagne de Reims and the Thiéfosse school with Ms. Céline BOUHOURS with her CE2/CM1/CM2 class for Ballons des Vosges are engaged in a tales and legends project, around the forest. 

Germaine's students first started by exploring their forest with the elves' trail, then the Faux de Verzy, Villers Allerand... It is also about introducing people to their commune, the architecture, the vines on the territory, cultural heritage… so that students become ambassadors of their territory. Gradually, the students tell their discoveries by creating stories, tales, stories, with illustrations. These productions are then shared with the students of the Thiéfosse school.

During this time, the students of the Thiéfosse school discover their territory, produce the school newspaper which they transmit to the students of Germaine, exchanges of packages, mail, videos, a collaborative space which guides the project and nourishes knowledge throughout the sessions.

This interParcs project is a complete project which allows the school program to be approached in a transversal way: written, oral, geography, history, citizenship, opening up to the world.

Ms. Aurélia GOVIGNON explains to us: “ When Ms. Yanasma proposed this project to me at the end of last school year, I immediately saw the opportunity to be able to work differently with my students. The project allows me to address many concepts but above all it is an opportunity to work on living together, openness to others, open-mindedness...: the list is long! The project gives meaning to the learning and the students love it. »

“I love what we do: we learn things about the Vosges and we talk with the correspondents! » (Faustine CM1), “I can't wait to go visit the Vosges! » (Raphael CM2), “It's the first time I'm going to do a discovery class and I think it's good” (Emma CM2), “I'm going to miss my parents a little but I can't wait to go to a discovery class . (Clara CM1), “I think it’s perfect because it allows you to visit the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park and I’m going to learn things about the Vosges” (Hugo CE2).

A final production to share this adventure will be produced for the end of the school year. The regional natural parks of Montagne de Reims, Ballons des Vosges and the Etc.. Terra association are supporting this project and providing the necessary resources.

And last week, it was finally meeting time! In truth ! 

The little Vosges residents stayed a week in Germaine. The school and the Park had put together a complete and tempting program for them: Trépail, Faux de Verzy, Maison du Parc, Mailly-Champagne educational trail...!

The children were delighted with this week of exchanges: real friendships were made and the students can't wait to meet again in June in the Vosges! 


This project is supported by the Grand Est Region in order to discover the heritage of the Grand Est Regional Natural Parks. On behalf of the Grand Est Regional Natural Parks, a big thank you for allowing us to live this experience!


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