The new call for projects to allow forest areas to evolve freely is open!

Remember, in 2021, a first call for projects was launched by the Park to develop a framework of old wood on its territory. A private owner and 3 municipalities (Villers-Allerand, Val de Livre, Ay-Champagne) had thus committed to the process by stopping all logging on a small part of their forest.

Today, a new call for projects is open as part of the LIFE Biodiv'Est project. Each municipality in the Park or private forest owner who wish to engage in free evolution can submit their application.

Leaving a forest sector to evolve freely is bbeneficial for the restoration of forest biodiversity, the preservation of forest soils and the storage of carbon and more generally to maintain healthy forests in a context of climate change!

The first campaign of the call for projects is open from today until March 8, 2024. Objective? Total cessation of all logging for at least 70 years and thus allowing the forest to follow its natural cycle

The main selection criteria are:

  • Have a forest management plan or other sustainable management document
  • Create a freely evolving island of at least 1 hectare in one piece
  • Presence of trees of ecological interest (large wood, presence of cavities, etc.)
  • Stand with a dominant share of trees at least 40 cm in diameter

For this good action, the public or private owner receives financial compensation – also called “payment for environmental services”, ranging from €5 to €000/hectare.

If you are interested : contact Léa JOLY


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