In a month, we will meet again for our Great Crossing!

For its second edition the Sunday, June 11, this festive and friendly event will bring life to the towns of Rilly-la-Montagne, Germaine, Mutigny and Aÿ-Champagne, along a 20 kilometer hike but also smaller loops, all accessible by train via the TER from La Ligne des Bulles Reims-Epernay !

And besides, this year, thanks to the Grand Est Region, an additional train was added in the morning, and train capacity has been increased so that all hikers can find a place!
Thank you to the Grand-Est Region for its support of the event!

For hikers departing from Epernay, a special welcome will be offered to you at the station in the morning by Epernay, Coteaux and Plaine de Champagne Urban Community

There will be some new features this year at the festive stops, we'll tell you more in the coming weeks!

More Info here !


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