Here we offer you transparent and informative access to all the reports and deliberations which shape the management of the Mixed Syndicate of the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park.

The Mixed Union brings together various bodies, actors and stakeholders, working together to preserve and enhance the wealth of our territory.

On this page, you will not only discover the decisions taken within these bodies, but also discussions, projects, and progress who contribute to shaping the future of the Montagne de Reims. Whether you are a resident concerned about the future of your region, an elected official in the area looking for information, or simply curious to understand how the decisions that impact this park are made, you will find a wealth of information here.

We invite you to explore our reports and deliberations to better understand the issues, challenges, and successes of managing this exceptional territory. Together, we can help preserve and enhance the Montagne de Reims for future generations!

Composition of the Union Committee

The management of the Regional Natural Park falls to the Joint Association which implements the Objective 2020 Charter with the support of the multidisciplinary team. The Joint Union is administered by a Union Committee composed of 90 elected delegates, designated by the communities which adhere to the Park:

  • 63 member municipalities
  • Urban community of Châlons-en-Champagne
  • City of Épernay
  • Greater Reims urban community
  • Intermunicipalities
  • Great East Region
  • Department of Marne
  • Associate members also participate in the Union Committee, without the right to vote, who represent the socio-economic partners

The Union Committee administers the Park. Its members are the legal managers of the Park. They define the objectives, decide on the annual action program and vote on the budget. Each delegate can get involved in one or more commissions: communication, culture and heritage, environment, energy, tourism, architecture, town planning and landscape.

Composition of the office

The union committee elects from among its members a desk composed of 21 members who meet every month. The Union Office prepares the decisions of the Union Committee and also takes all decisions within the limits delegated by the Union Committee. He ensures the day-to-day management of the Mixed Union.

Caroline Benoit, President of the Park

Convocations and reports

Union committee

Find below the documents related to the Union Committee:

Union office

Find below the documents related to the Union Office:

The deliberations and minutes of meetings can also be communicated on request to the secretariat – [email protected] 

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