Want to relax as a couple in real corners of paradise by the water, in the vineyards or under the canopy? To explore a sparkling culture with your little tribe? Or perhaps enjoy a sporting break with friends, on trails that are as exotic as they are vibrant?

That's good ! We have put together a top 10 must-sees in Montagne de Reims : enough to get to know our territory from every angle... The hardest thing for you now? Choose where to start among these sublime landscapes and unforgettable experiences !

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
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Observe the emblematic landscapes of the Montagne de Reims

To savor the most beautiful panoramas as it should be, we have prepared you 5 suggestions for viewpoints not to be missed !

Discover them!

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
Cyrille Beudot


Wander through Exceptional Forests® between Reims and Épernay

Want to take in the sights while stretching your legs in the heart of nature? You won't find a more beautiful playground than the national forests of Chêne à la Virginie, Hautvillers and Verzy !

Go to the forest!

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
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Discover wine-growing Champagne, a UNESCO world heritage site

This world heritage is notably composed of three main areas : the Colline Saint-Nicaise in Reims, the Avenue de Champagne in Épernay and the Historic hillsides of Cumières in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, in the heart of the Parc de la Montagne de Reims. To better understand this heritage, here is what you should not miss under any circumstances !

Head for the hills!

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
Cyrille Beudot


Walk through the beautiful, typical villages of the Montagne de Reims

Don't hesitate to get lost in their streets, visit their welcoming shops or even take your stroll to the neighboring town: there is no shortage of lovely surprises! In the meantime, here is a sample of 3 of these unmissable villages...

Stroll through the villages!

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
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Explore the rich geological heritage of the Montagne de Reims

Campaniles giganteum, turtle shells or even shark teeth... Yes, you read correctly: these surprising fossils exist in Montagne de Reims! So, for an exciting leap into the past, don't miss these two essential activities !


Shellfish and crustaceans

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims


Sail or cycle along the Marne and its side canal

How good it is to drift with your nose in the wind at the water's edge! So, get on your bike, put on your sailor outfit or put on your favorite sneakers: we'll take you for a refreshing aquatic trip !

Get on your bike!

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
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Stroll by train with the Ligne des Bulles, from Reims to Épernay

The Line of Bubbles is the little name given to the TER Fluo line which connects Reims to Épernay, while stopping in four towns in the Park! You can thus reach the Montagne de Reims with this train, and you can travel on board between Rilly-la-Montagne, Germaine, Avenay-Val-d'Or and Aÿ-Champagne. Good discovery…

Board the Bubble line

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
Cyrille Beudot


Have fun, learn and recharge your batteries at Maison du Parc

If you are looking for ideas experiences to live in Montagne de Reims, you will always find something to inspire you at the Maison du Parc... There, all year round, the activity proposals are not lacking, nor suggestions for places to explore or tips for enjoying your moments in the open air. So come visit us!

Discover the Maison du Parc

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
Cyrille Beudot


Hike on the superb GR® of Pays du Territory

Want to stretch your legs? In the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park, the possibilities ofgetaways do not miss ! All you have to do is choose which of these beautiful side roads to take first!


Go hiking

The must-sees in Montagne de Reims
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Visit Reims, Épernay and Châlons-en-Champagne

The Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park is a dream place for bucolic immersions, between forests, vineyards and fields. But that's not all... It is also located a stone's throw from three historic towns full of charm: Reims North, Epernay to the south, and Chalons-en-Champagne At the South-East.

Branch off into town

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