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Real diversity!
Le parc naturel régional de la Montagne de Reims se situe juste au dessus de Reims

Agricultural plains, valleys, forests and hills covered with exceptional vineyards... the Montagne de Reims takes shape like a nave resting on the Champagne plain. Set off to discover the Park and its landscaped regions with their very unique identities!

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Le parc naturel régional de la Montagne de Reims se situe juste au dessus de Reims
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Meeting with Adeline Houssack, member of the “Des idées plein la terre” association Can you introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Adeline, I grew up in Dizy and I now live in Reims. I am passionate about cycling, alternative travel and above all collective projects. Currently, I work for the Des idées plein la terre association in Reims and I am very active for the Collectif Bio et Géosourcés Grand...
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The Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park supports its inhabitants and stakeholders in local life in their daily lives, their approaches and their projects.

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Welcome to limitless exploration! Our section dedicated to hikes and walks invites you to go on an adventure, discover extraordinary trails and connect with nature like never before. Get ready for unforgettable getaways!

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We have put together a top 10 must-see list for you in Montagne de Reims: enough to get to know our territory from every angle... The hardest part for you now? Choose where to start among these sublime landscapes and unforgettable experiences!

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Are you looking for inspiration to visit the Montagne de Reims? Look no further: we have prepared detailed itinerary suggestions just for you, so you don't miss any of our local gems!