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A unique mountain

The Montagne de Reims has not always been like we know it today. Glacial or tropical, underwater or dried up, the Montagne de Reims has been one and the other along the centuries.

This mountain, 70 million years old, is a real geological treasure made of chalk, sand, clays and limestone.

The soil of Montagne de Reims is made up of several mineral layers that have gradually been laid down over the centuries. The diversity of these minerals has shaped the landscapes building up the Montagne de Reims over time, a patchwork of agricultural plains, of forests bordered by slopes onto which a unique vineyard is planted.

Geological section ©Armelle DROUIN

Laid down 70 to 80 million years ago, chalk composes the first mineral of the Montagne de Reims.

Chalk allows for a large water reserve. With the industrial revolution, chalky Champagne has become one of the most productive agricultural plains. The chalky soil also plays a leading role in the production of Champagne wines where vines are mostly planted. The high porosity of chalk enables to regulate the water that vines draw in necessary quantity for them to grow.

Cliff of chalk ©PNRMR

Covered by the sea for a long time, a limestone rich in fossils (oysters and marine species) laid down here in the Montagne de Reims. So, it is quite usual to meet some fossils of urchins, belemnites, sponges ... that used to live in these salted waters.

True paradise for amateur geologists, the Montagne de Reims abounds with many treasures. Embark on the discovery path of Mailly-Champagne to discover a sparkling heritage by nature!

Nature trail of Mailly-Champagne ©PNRMR
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