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A team dedicated to the Park of Montagne de Reims !

Organized in thematic poles, the team of the regional natural Park of Montagne de Reims works daily to carry out the missions entrusted to them by the union committee.

Top management

Director : Olaf HOLM

Environnement / Natural habitats

Manager of environment and natural habitats pole : Delphine SEMIN
Coordination for natural habitats : Éva POILVÉ
Green and blue corridor / Natura 2000 : Léa JOLY
Wet areas : Valentin SALVANT

Planning / Héritage enhancement

Architecture : Caroline FENEUIL
Urban planning and landscape : Sabine DELON, Sylvain TOURILLON
Consulting in Shared Energies : Alvina HEYNE
Culture and heritage : Émilie RENOIR SIBLER
Sustainable Tourism : Estelle PROFIT

Education to territory / Sensitization

Manager for education to territory pole : Nursel YANASMA
Coordination : Cyane GERMOND, Camille THIERRY

Information / Communication

Communication : Marie-Claude MOUNY
Assessment and geographical information system : Émilie GATINOIS

Administration / Management

Deputy Director / Administrative and financial manager : Éric LALLEMENT
Accounting and secretary : Fanny MARTINET
Secretariat : Roseline CORDIER
Secretariat and communication : Sarah CUVILLIER
Weekend reception : Françoise COULON
Technical support : Saïd SEKOURI